Swedish footballer Kim Källström comforts eight-year-old boy

Swedish Footballer

Max’s father was so appreciative, he wrote to Kallstrom to thank him. He also published the letter on Facebook. It read: “I am writing to you because I’m not quite sure if you understand how much of a difference you’ve made to us. Tuesday saw my son Max do something very special, for other children, it’s really about 15 minutes of concentration and nervousness as well as an incredible joy of having been able to meet the national team.

“Because of your actions my son was able to experience exactly the same feelings as everyone else: pride, a sense of being special.

“Your decision to choose to support Max when he gets scared, you bend down and soothe him (even if it only helps for a short while) sends so many good messages for us and makes all the difference between success or a failure for Max.”

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