“Tomas has his debut for Holt FC U11 youth team this morning.
Thanks for all the coaching Kevin!”

“Reuben is playing his football back in England now, but asked me to tell you that he won a penalty trophy, thanks to your shootouts, Kevin”


“…he really enjoyed the session and spent the next hour coaching his Dad. We’ll be there next week.”

“Thanks a lot for Sunday. He loved the session. Please count us in the group for sure.”

“They love it!”

“As soon as football is over.. he looks forward to the following lesson… he loves it … thank you Kevin for this opportunity…”

I just want to say thank you for the positive influence and change you have made in his life. I’ve been watching him play around with the ball (almost all the time) and he actually looks like he has an idea of what he is doing compared to before he had you as a coach. It is wonderful to see. Thank You!!”

“Kevin is an excellent football coach who really develops the technical skills of those in his class. I have seen my son improve greatly in his style of play thanks to the training and instructions he received from Kevin. He always adjusts the training to the needs, abilities and size of the group.”

“Excellent!!! My children attend Soto Rangers on Sundays and they love it !! They learned a lot from football this summer at the camp that Kevin organized. It has also helped us with your birthday and has been a success. Thank you! Super recommended.

“Good touch with children and good fundamentals both tactical and technical”

“I have always valued his work as a soccer coach for children, because he knows how to maintain a good balance between fun and concentration and discipline.”